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Hire better people faster. More than 60% of applicants will start an online application but leave without finishing it. And there’s a whole lot more who never see your ad to begin with. It’s difficult to attract and hire talented people, but we can improve the process and provide real results.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Is your ATS driven by spreadsheets, emails, and paper?

Can applicants efficiently apply for open positions in an online format?

Can your internal workflow efficiently setup interviews and generate applicant feedback?

Do you have a seamless process to create job requisitions, gather exceptional candidates, screen candidates, interview candidates, and create an internal workflow to hire top talent?

Solex HCM can provide you with a robust applicant tracking system that is designed specifically to recruit and hire from start to finish!


When a new hire clearly understands the expectations of the job as well as the company culture, evidence shows that new hire will have improved job performance.

When a new hire clearly understands expectations and has a clear vision of your values, evidence shows that new hires have less stress with starting a new job.

When an employee is happy with their employer they are less likely to seek other opportunities, which can increase performance, job satisfaction, and retention.

Onboarding is built directly into our platform so employers can sign in once and access all of the data it stores in a cloud-based system. When new hires feel they are drowning in a sea of paperwork, our system can eliminate that issue, create more accurate information, and provide a powerful first impression to your newest employees!

With iSolved Hire, find and hire better employees more efficiently and more effectively.

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