Solex now offers a NEW suite of services, Solex HRC, to assist with any Human Resource need your business might have. Learn More.

You now have one technology that can do it all: Payroll/HR/Benefits/Time. All of your mission critical employee data in one place.

By bringing the essential functions of Payroll and HR together, Solex simplifies your people management. All critical functions are in one database. No more exporting, importing or clunky integrations. And, Solex doesn’t stop there. It easily scales to include time tracking, benefits enrollment, applicant tracking and onboarding if and when you need those as well.

Solex’s platform lives in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere at any time. And, it’s designed and built from the ground up, based on customer feedback – so you can get payroll done quickly and accurately. No hassles.

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