Solex now offers a NEW suite of services, Solex HRC, to assist with any Human Resource need your business might have. Learn More.

In today’s competitive workforce environment, finding the right people for your Human Resources department or getting additional projects done in an evolving workplace can be a challenge. We can help.

Solex HCM is excited to announce our NEW suite of services to assist with any Human Resource need so your company can achieve its strategic goals. Whether you need a Virtual HR Department, On-call support, Project Work, Trainings, Webinars or Managed Services, Solex HCM now offers Solex HRC (Human Resources Consulting) at different support levels to meet your company’s budget and objectives.

Solex HCM helps clients grow their businesses through optimizing Human Capital Management workflows, creating powerful payroll efficiencies and now, the ability to expand your HR experience. Solex is powered by a state-of-the-art Single Source Code technology platform and our team is dedicated to providing a white glove service model to every relationship.

Learn more about our Human Resources Consulting by contacting Eileen Messier at or direct at 781-365-9610 or your Solex Customer Service representative.

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